Growing Tips

Hints and Advice on growing lavender

Lavenders are easy to grow and care for in the garden.  When you bring your plants home, pick a spot that gets plenty of sun, preferably full sun (at least 6 hours a day).  Plant in well-drained soil; lavender does not like having wet roots/wet soil.  If your soil is heavy or clay-like, add compost and grit to improve drainage – we recommend approximately 70/30 soil/grit.

Lavender likes a moderately alkaline soil with a pH of between 6 – 8.0, if necessary lime can be added to the soil to increase the pH level.  If you are planting a large number of plants (such as a hedge) it would be worth buying a soil testing kit prior to planting.

As you would when planting most plants, dig a hole twice the size of your plant, mix in a handful of bonemeal to help establish/feed the plant, and water after planting.  If your lavender is to be planted in a pot or container it will be necessary to water during the summer months, keep an eye on the soil and do not allow it to dry out.

If you remove the old flower heads at the end of summer and cut the bush back in the autumn, the plant will thrive, maintain its shape and continue to grow into a stronger bush.  We recommend cutting the bush back to the base of the flower stems after flowering every year.